Open Water Swim Goggles Junior 5S Swimming Pool 5 Pack Ages 3+ Adjustable Straps

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Open Water Swim Junior Goggles 5S
This products is not a safety or protective device
Adjusting the head strap- 
-The head strap is used to hold the goggles in place. Tighter is not necessarily better as this may cause discomfort and marking around the eyes. 
-Adjust the tension of the head strap until a comfortable fit is achieved.
Fitting the Goggles-
-With goggles in position on face, stretch head strap over the back of the head to rest at a 45* angle on the crown of the head.
-Continue to make adjustments until leaking stops.
-To clear water to to adjust goggles, lift slightly away from the face.
Removing the Goggles-
- Put thumbs under the head strap the head strap at the sides of the head. Slide thumbs to back of head and lift head strap away and over the head from back to front. 
the packaging is slightly bent,but item is brand new