Von Saint DoorJammer Burglary Protection Red  Portable Security Aid - 1Solardeals

Von Saint DoorJammer Burglary Protection Red Portable Security Aid

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DoorJammer Burglary Protection - Von Saint
Secure your doors with the new Door Jammer - quickly and easily !
The Door Jammer is a new, unique and comfortable security tool.
It provides the easiest and most efficient way to protect your privacy and provides security. The Door Jammer ensures that unwanted intruders entry may be refused.
Portable yet very effective - thanks to its compact and lightweight design, the Door Jammer can be taken and used easily for e.g. hotel room doors etc.
Once correctly positioned on the inside of the door and screwed, the penetration of the outside is no longer possible. Pressing against the door presses the foot of the Door Jammer down and levers the door upward. By clamping forces that the Door Jammer causes between the lower edge of the door and the floor, it is impossible to open the door .
Nevertheless, the Door Jammer can be easily removed from the inside by pulling the leg upwards and thereby pulling the device from under the door in an emergency.
The small plate of the Door Jammer, which is pushed under the door, has a thickness of about 2 mm, width of 4 cm and depth of 2.6 cm.
Dimensions: 120 x 90 x 35 mm
Weight:         230 g (8.1 oz)