🇺🇸Zippo Harley Davidson An American Legend💨🔥WindProof Lighter MotorCycles🏍

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Genuine Zippo Lighter

Made in U.S.A. 🇺🇸


Zippo 💨 🔥


Harley Davidson

Motor Cycles


An American Legend

 💨 WindProof 🌪

• Lifetime Guarantee from Manufacturer

Genuine Zippo Windproof Lighter


From timeless design to the unmistakable “click”...

From the quality of materials and workmanship to the Lifetime Guarantee ... these are the features that make a Zippo lighter so satisfying to own.


The fact that the Zippo Windproof Lighter 💨 🔥 has endured, virtually unchanged, for over 75 years to proof of its appeal to millions of users and collectors.


Lighter does not contain fuel when shipped


⚠️ Warning:

• Keep Lighter our of reach of children 👶 🧒

• This light is not child resistant

• Ignite Lighter away from face and clothing.

• Zippo lighters do not self-extinguish

• Be careful not to drop Lighter when it is lit.

• Close lid to extinguish flame 🔥.

• When filled, Lighter contains flammable 🔥 fluid.

• Fuel ⛽️ is a skin irritant, do not overfill.

• Keep away from heat above 120’ F(49’ C) and avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight ☀️

• Do not incinerate.



official licensed product


All Rights Reserved


Manufactured by Zippo

Under license from

Harley-Davidson Motor Company


Zippo 💨 🔥

Zippo Manufacturing 👩‍🏭👨‍🏭 Company